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All operators are authorized to wear modified grooming. Operators that are deployed on the field wear civilian clothes; base, support and headquarters personnel wear sanitized BDU or DCU. Official navy uniforms are worn only during special occasions; all operators are not allowed to be seen by anyone outside the unit when wearing official navy uniforms.

Ghost Unit operators are authorized to use regulation US/NATO and non-regulation weapons on missions. Weapon assets range from pistols to submachine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Operators seldom use heavy weapons to keep light and be able to move about discreetly and quickly.

Official tactical air transportation for training exercises or assets transfer is provided for by the US Air Force. Most of the ground transportation utilized by the operators are unmarked civilian transport, mostly sports utility vehicles. When in-country, operators would often use vehicles common to that area to blend in. 

The organic aviation unit serves as the primary transport for infiltration and exfiltration in support of direct action operations. Covert operations would do away with any official military transport, instead uses civilian transportation in the area.